LIVE Streaming


At Sound 4 Pro Audio we are able to put your event online, from anywhere to anyone !!!

During the Covid Pandemic, we had to change our business around like many, and having been involved with the AV industry for 40 years, it was an easy transition for us to put our clients events online rather than in person.

We already supplied an installed the equipment required, and obviously therefore had the knowledge to operate it. So we thought "lets' do it".  

We are able to put any event online, literally. We use the latest equipment to make sure we get a good connection to the internet, whether it be from a standard Ethernet connection, WiFi connection,  or nowadays via a GSM (Mobile Phone Network) bonding device. A bonding device is by far the safest option, as this collects all the signal paths of Ethernet, WiFi and 4 GSM Modems in the same broadcast unit and sends it out to the destination (FaceBook, YouTube etc etc). This almost guarantees a broadcast with no buffering, stuttering, loss of audio etc. There is nothing worse is there ? And now we have added a "Satellite System" to our inventory to almost guarantee a signal gets out to your network of choice.

We use some of the latest equipment to do this from AviWest, LiveU & Starlink, three companies at the forefront of Mobile Broadcast.

On top of that we use some of the best cameras and lenses in the world. The BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, Studio 4K Pro and URSA G2 ensure a full HD picture for your event. As far as lenses go we use some of the best Micro Four Thirds / PARFocal lenses from Panasonic Lumix, FujiNon and many more. From 10mm to 600mm, we can get your event in focus.

For audio we use the Allen & Heath SQ range of mixers along with microphones from world leaders like Sennheiser, sE Electronics, Shure, RODE to give your clients / audience / friends full audibility of the event. 

All connected with some of the worlds finest fibre optic cables from VanDamme, Kramer Electronics, or via the wireless HollyLand Mars 4K Pro System !! It really doesn't get any better than this !

You then need a platform to broadcast to, so we have teamed up with one of the finest third party platforms in order to do this. We can offer a FULL 1920 x 1080P HD Broadcast to our platform where your viewers can then watch and listen on a private link that only you have access to. Alternatively you can send out to the normal platforms of Youtube, FaceBook, X etc etc. We can also send the stream out to 5 destinations for you at once, so say our private platform, FaceBook, YouTube etc all at the same time. Or it could be 3 FaceBook pages and two YouTube pages, the choice is literally yours !!! You can also include your meetings on ZOOM, TEAMS and other online meeting platforms. 

As you can see, we take this very seriously, and we highly recommend an initial conversation about your event in order to discuss what is required to then supply a great broadcast to your clients / friends. So please either fill in the contact form or call us on 07880 707008 for an initial, no obligation discussion.

Some of the events we have covered are Corporate Meetings, Conferences, Council Meetings, Weddings, Funerals, NEW Product Releases, Video Podcasts, Audio Podcasts, Band Self Promotions and many more.....